Crowdfunding — Kickstarter

Artillery Royale is on Kickstarter! 

Why a crowdfunding?

After gathering all the feedbacks from the first players, I found out that something was missing in the game: ambition!

So I reworked the gameplay and came up with something new.

At first Artillery Royale was only a revamped artillery game with updated design and chess based theme.

That was my error!

New pitch, new ambitions!

Now the default game mode will be “Capture the King”: something you never saw anywhere else, it is still a true artillery game but with a twist.

And also coming up with a second mode called “Magic ball” where you will experience a mix between an artillery game and a football game.

All is fixed now: ambition is here, coming with excitement and plenty of fun time too!

Artillery Royale only needs your support to make it to the last stage!

Find out more and support us on Kickstarter